KRRA HYGB - 2015

The Half Yearly General Body of KRRA was held on July 19, 2015. The public meeting that ensued and the KRRA Welfare Fund were inaugurated by Dr Shashi Tharoor, our MP. This picture taken on the occasion shows the MP being swaddled by KRRA president  Dr A G Rajendran.

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Why Residents' Associations?


In a democratic set-up where individual grievances relating to issues confronting the common citizenry are not addressed or redressed by the authorities that be, the need for joining together to fight for civic rights will naturally arise. And this need has slowly led to the growth of organizations popularly known as Residents' Associations. When these associations gained gradual strength and realized the prospects of bargaining with those in power, more and more of them began to be formed in various parts of the state of Kerala, God's Own Country. With over 900 such associations in Thiruvananthapuram alone, the capital city, Residents' Associations have now become a force to reckon with.


Kesavadev Road Residentsí Association has successfully turned 21. KRRA stands for the peaceful coexistence of its people. The Executive Committee of KRRA is constantly striving for the overall development of the region and constant betterment of the members. Please visit our link ACHIEVEMENTS for more details about our service.


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KRRA wishes all its members and well-wishers a more peaceful and prosperous year throughout 2016!

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